Case ecology, economics, diet and human rights

Also interesting is the case of the above, as the topic. Is taking care of nature, you can help to improve the economic well-being? most

Abundant harvest can feed our need for food. Economic matter, also human rights in this is that the food we should be granted free of charge. Does the fact of obtaining money for the regulation of the basic needs of life, it is not strange?

However, you know as an activist I have, I should mention that it is a plant-based diet. Meat, not quite that industrial farming pollutes the environment, it uses a very high percentage, the amount of vegetable broth.

 Is releasing the money used in the flow of food, you can not use them in any other way? Apropos of this fact and food available? great out of the economic crisis, financial

People around the world are wasting 1/4 or even 3/4 of the available food (I forgot the exact date), while in Africa, the Middle East, and other æsthetic famine.




has many answers this question – on the one hand, the right to life is every creature, regardless of the length of life that is as commanded by the church, on the other hand, if the child is to be let for the sick, suffering life really is it not better to deprive them of life as I do not even understand (unless a few weeks embryos do not understand what’s going on I do not know) and did not lead to suffering life ……… All situations are higher, as I said there is no one the wisest output ……. so live it wisest not to lead to a situation such that abortion is needed .

However, looking at embryos already more-developed show that its in appearance but understand …….. So in my opinion, abortion is permissible, but at the level of the zygote .

in the name of rule  you created life? you are now responsible for it …….



Propaganda downplayed the threat of explosion and its effects not only in the short term from him but also for a long time …….. repeated the words that there is no danger of radiation – which is a big mistake. I put a picture of your child in the vicinity of Chernobyl, his parents have absorbed enough radiation dose to the child was born deformed!

New hospitals in Iraq

the west as part of the peace should  take the social rehabilitation and assisted the Middle East ? eg iraq ravaged by years of warfare in handy to see a new hospitals ……

Such an initiative should come zes thrones around the world, just as in the case of Africa ……

irrigation systems …


if already in ancient Egypt built irrigation systems to ensure an abundance of plans in the desert – why today does not build up such in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Chad ?

say that there was nil? in those countries, you can build it from the sea, and download the desalting sea water ….