Case ecology, economics, diet and human rights

Also interesting is the case of the above, as the topic. Is taking care of nature, you can help to improve the economic well-being? most

Abundant harvest can feed our need for food. Economic matter, also human rights in this is that the food we should be granted free of charge. Does the fact of obtaining money for the regulation of the basic needs of life, it is not strange?

However, you know as an activist I have, I should mention that it is a plant-based diet. Meat, not quite that industrial farming pollutes the environment, it uses a very high percentage, the amount of vegetable broth.

 Is releasing the money used in the flow of food, you can not use them in any other way? Apropos of this fact and food available? great out of the economic crisis, financial

People around the world are wasting 1/4 or even 3/4 of the available food (I forgot the exact date), while in Africa, the Middle East, and other æsthetic famine.

Weapons – USA

I decided to write a post referring to the growing number of abuse and accidents with guns in the U.S.. There, in their possession of weapons is legal so that everyone who is afraid of armed men in the name of revenge and self defense too which has a weapon …. better not prohibit the possession of weapons? This sport also used for hunting and military use in the military? no factories producing these things … each was illegal to quickly captured, it means less money spent on protective measures against criminals that use guns …

Crisis in Poland

Poland is on the verge of crisis – the crisis spread from us to the people and had pressure on them …. the notion of crisis really concealed the location of a country to the other and lying in reserve funds the state, and not the standard of living of the people living there? in that case, Greece is not covered by the crisis …