little awareness ……

adam and eve supposedly lived about 300,000 years ago, as evidenced by the study ……. Adam and Eve were supposedly the first mortals created with the creation of the world ………. and what whore Mac with dinosaurs ?

whose remains are discovered millions of years ago and about which the Bible says nothing ?

additional issue is the fact that the images of Adam and Eve are portrayed as modern humans and Neanderthals? their remains were discovered ……. Around 530 million years ago in the oceans first appeared late, so as compared to bilbijnym creature animals? the beginnings of people appeared 8 million years ago, evolved to a man about 800,000 years ago 🙂 it was a homo erectus using fire differed much from bible Adam and Eve, and it is a lot of scientific dowoów on Adam and Eve only biblical share 😉

by the way I came recently for an interesting example, if Adam iEwa were the first mortals, why their characters are portrayed …. navel ? ( picture )

and ….. if as reported Bilia Adam and Eve had the gift of immortality why Adam lived 900 years after which he died ?





has many answers this question – on the one hand, the right to life is every creature, regardless of the length of life that is as commanded by the church, on the other hand, if the child is to be let for the sick, suffering life really is it not better to deprive them of life as I do not even understand (unless a few weeks embryos do not understand what’s going on I do not know) and did not lead to suffering life ……… All situations are higher, as I said there is no one the wisest output ……. so live it wisest not to lead to a situation such that abortion is needed .

However, looking at embryos already more-developed show that its in appearance but understand …….. So in my opinion, abortion is permissible, but at the level of the zygote .

in the name of rule  you created life? you are now responsible for it …….

Animals in religion …


Animals in the Christian religion is not important, the man he is placed on the do not – it is said that animals have no soul ….. So St. Francis is the only misfit to the rule? in Buddhism, at least one can be reborn as an animal, so it is better …..

and this post may finish this category, bored me a little writing on the subject …

Christmass gifts – dont by puppy

Christmas Puppies

thinking of buying a puppy for Christmas to give to someone wprezencie? Do not do it! animals are not things and can not be irresponsible to give someone as a gift – because what you do as a puppy after the festivities get bored either at the outset will not hit a gift ?

say no! unnecessary animal breeding, where many of them died alone in shelters …. 😦