Leaflets – antiecologic bane of trade ?

paper leaflets…. probably many of you complain about the daily encroachment of providers of leaflets, which many of us have enough …. this topic is long …. advertising is supposedly lever trade – and how to have to deal with the big discounters without ads ? may beis the internet …….. but they do not care … across the idea is that mass-produced leaflets – absorb a lot of trees …. trees do not grow shortly to grow trees that would be suitable for flyers need to average over a hundred years (own estimate) …… what if just cluttering our mailboxes these ads? and that in the rock mass level of this advertisments ? whether the law of the market, sales of goods – is more important than ecology and respect for nature ? who does not think is in error as I mentioned trees do not grow, as in the comic Asterix, within a few seconds – then reaching to the great shapely size ….. of which everyone is aware, but many people do not respect this or forget this – the trees, parks, forests are a natural oxygen factory, nowadays smog and fumes from factories – so needed in ours days and in future …. please take a look at this example of the great urban centers, where there is not surrounded by complexes of forest horizontal exhaust during peak often exceed norm no trees, natural lung we do not filter the air in future … we now have problems with filter air – so wath willbe in future , if we cut all the trees , for so unneeded thing which are leaflits ?
and then what ? if people do not care for frsh , clear air and peaceful surroundings, whether wild animals live ?
we need large-scale ask ourself the above question, if you do not want to detonate ecological bomb