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Degeneration businessmen against animals and … people

„Ask ” scientist ” why would perform experiments on animals , and their answer is . Because animals are like us .
Ask ” scientist „, why experiments on animals are morally acceptable and even their answer is : because the animals are not like us.
Experimenting on animals is a logical contradiction. ”
Charles R. Magel

Institute of Anatomy in Lausanne

Patrick Bertholet for two years held the animals in the basement of the Anatomy Institute in Lausanne and he was the first who revealed what was going on .
He was fired from his job , because it showed some compassion , especially the suffering animals.
In 1980, ATRA has received confirmation of what I already suspected , namely , that the Institute of Anatomy, located at the street in Lausanne, Bugnon , performed hideous experiments on cats .
Confirmation of this came also from another report by Agence Air ( Tribune Dimanche , 5.10. , 1980) . ATRA immediately filed a new lawsuit ( 09/10/1980 ) against the Director of the Institute – Dutchman , prof. Hendrick van der Loos and his team , Italy – Dr. Pier Paolo Giorgi and Dr. Innocenti and Englishman – Dr. Lawrence Garey .

Why University of Wisconsin – Madison torturing cats and other animals ?
The facts are startling : cats eyelids sewn together , or wyłupanymi eyes , cats with amputated legs , mice after brain surgery clipped mustache ( mustache devoid of animal loses the orientation ) , injections of radioactive substances into the eyes of rabbits , etc.

In order to study the impact of amblyopia on the spinal cord of cats , the eyelids are sewn together , sometimes at birth . The other cats were pluck your eyes , animals remain alive after these terrible and crippling operations for a long time , until the ” one and a half year,” according to reports .
Ophthalmic nerve other cats has been cut in order to induce artificial squint , while the study results were analyzed on a computer that has been subsidized by the Confederation ” ( for Swiss taxpayers’ money ) .

The Institute of Anatomy, Faculty of breeding cats there . Approximately 10 females twice a year gives birth to young for the needs of the Institute.

There are even people who put their cats out there in order to provide small cats for experiments !

Foreign scientists have come to the Institute to collaborate with him and bring with them their pets .
A supplier of the German-speaking part of Switzerland also imports animals for experiments .
Doctors Garey and Innocenti were caught up in the fear of the epidemic gastric intestinal inflammation and conjunctivitis, because dziennikarzo m Agence Air was not allowed to enter the premises where the experiments were performed on animals. Epidemic or censorship ?

” One cat has only a stump instead of hind legs and is unable to move … ” . Dr. Innocenti explained that this cat is like a man with one leg . Infirmity cat started from the moment he was born , when his legs were amputated .

Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine , who worked in the same building as scientists , he heard moaning cats. For doctors Garey and Innocentiego was a groan of cats that had fun , males who fought or kittens that was meowing . ( ! )

One kitten had one eye sewn . Tips eyelids began to fester . Dr. Garey tried to apply a compress of plastic medical adhesive . another defeat

. ” One day I saw a cat oklejonego bandage . Bandage is stuck to his fur , causing him a real torture. Cat constantly tugging bandage , and his claws were covered with plaster .” (Statement made ​​by Mr Bertholet – negated by doctors Innocentiego and Garey , who did not let reporters Agence Air wishing to check the facts , to the room in which the experiments were performed on animals ) . … and one more detail –
including a specific date has not carried out any experiments at the Institute of Anatomy , which is the normal practice , when the Institute is visited . ..
What they have to hide?

Do not believe us ? See video :

In all civilized countries in the world anyone would hold for a few hours the dog encased in chains , or a cat in a cage too tight , he could be accused of mistreatment of animals . Condemnation .. socially and criminally planted .

Do not assume any risk , those who sell dog or cat wiwisectors who submit them to torture and cruel sentences of shameful torment.
There is no risk as those who approve and authorize such practices .

On the contrary – those who engage these practices to receive prizes , money and prestige.
All this is not only unscientific , anti-social and IMMORAL ; is the result of boundless human stupidity !

The reason for this is also the chemical industry who mutilates animals in all parts of the world .
Many elements made ​​up the image of this situation and economic factors also play an important role.

But at this point we just want to emphasize the vulnerability of large parts of society to accept the lies and so. scientific data, the acceptance of false information provided by some mass media , as well as selfishness and indifference to the fate of others.

Many people are willing to tolerate the massacre of animals in the name of dogma and generally accepted slogans such as ” good society „, ” new therapies „, „science” .

But what is this good? , What new therapies ? , What science? By sacrificing the animal never discovered anything that could be useful for medicine or veterinary medicine.
All medical and pharmaceutical discoveries are obtained on the basis of clinical observation of patients , studies of human organisms based data records registered in hospitals and medical institutes introduced into a computer database .
If one wants to discover the influence of some kind of virus or pathogenic effects of a specific substance , it works on cultures of human cells in vitro ; if you want to discover some therapy – observed the healing process of the patient after careful dosage of the new drug. If you want to explore the wound , injury or physiological conditions associated with a particular ailment , there is no better method of analysis of the tissues of the patient who is suffering or suffered from this ailment .

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