little awareness ……

adam and eve supposedly lived about 300,000 years ago, as evidenced by the study ……. Adam and Eve were supposedly the first mortals created with the creation of the world ………. and what whore Mac with dinosaurs ?

whose remains are discovered millions of years ago and about which the Bible says nothing ?

additional issue is the fact that the images of Adam and Eve are portrayed as modern humans and Neanderthals? their remains were discovered ……. Around 530 million years ago in the oceans first appeared late, so as compared to bilbijnym creature animals? the beginnings of people appeared 8 million years ago, evolved to a man about 800,000 years ago 🙂 it was a homo erectus using fire differed much from bible Adam and Eve, and it is a lot of scientific dowoów on Adam and Eve only biblical share 😉

by the way I came recently for an interesting example, if Adam iEwa were the first mortals, why their characters are portrayed …. navel ? ( picture )

and ….. if as reported Bilia Adam and Eve had the gift of immortality why Adam lived 900 years after which he died ?