Poor lion in the snare

poor lion

LIONS FOR THREE YEARS YOUR nursed kinsman , THAT is trapped in a snare.

The thing took place in Tanzania , in a family of lions living in the territory of the Mikumi National Park.
Leo fell into the trap poachers still a cub . Probably curious little kitten stuck his head in a wire hoop – a trap set for antelope.

The wounded lion noticed tourists in 2009. They informed the staff caring for the reserve , but despite all efforts – the lion not been able to track down to help him .

Over time, the lion became a real hostage metal rim , which grew into deeper and deeper into his neck , subjecting the animal to death by suffocation.

Lion was able to track down only in August 2012, when he was again spotted by tourists. Leo was surrounded by his flock , who brought him food . Reserve staff believe that the herd was feeding a lion for all these years , because I certainly was not able to hunt. It was a big surprise for everyone , because lions usually kill the weak and the sick young males.

Called the place of veterinarians, after the injection hypnotic , complex operation conducted in makeshift tent hospital , cutting the neck of a lion metal rods . During the operation , the reserve workers had to ride jeeps around the tent and ward herd of lions who tried to defend his kinsman .

Lion was released after the surgery , he could assert themselves in his faithful flock . A few months later, the reserve workers again noticed the lion , whose scars almost completely healed , and the neck and head began overgrown mane.

Thank you for somebody( unknow person for me ) for text about lion !!!