Chicks ….

Momma chicken

Everyone knows that there are great chicken . Cackling and roztkliwiają over the eggs, which have abolished , and then over his curly , freshly hatched pisklakami . Hence , after took the saying mama- kwoczka . Hens on egg farms, but never even see their children. Sitting in cramped cages , bearing precious eggs directly to the conveyor belt. If you are the chickens of the so-called . free range , spend their entire lives in cramped , windowless hut. Similarly, the dairy farms . Cows are born every year. They need to continue to produce milk . But milk is not just to feed their children. There is a for-profit human . Calves are thus separated from the mother a few hours after birth. Offspring masculine , yet often still shaky legs, sold and assigned to the culture in calf pens for veal or beef. The pig farms piglets , while having the opportunity to see their children and even feed them , but they do it through the bars pens. Some of them will never leave the pen until they become too old to give birth to new piglets . Then transported to the slaughterhouse.

It is difficult to reconcile these stories from the idyllic picture that shows us , when we grow up : animal families live happily on farms, animals and the children playing in the fields, are fed and cuddled by his mother . But the reality of modern culture is different – it’s a constant exploitation of female reproductive to animal mothers are able to produce children , eggs and milk for human consumption. Are forced to do so until they are just too tired or sick to profitable. Then they are sent to the slaughterhouse .

This is the life of the female animal , regardless of whether the farm is owned by the corporation if it is a family business . This is true even in the production of organic eggs, dairy or meat. Natural needs and way of life of these animals are not exactly like ours, but no one can deny the fact that they form deep bonds and are capable of suffering and grief. We know that like us, animal mothers will do anything to protect their young . And that many of these animals are forced to live in isolation , but by nature are social , feeling very comfortable in the company of his peers animals.

In a world where food from animals is the price, it is inevitable cruelty . It’s depressing problem, but the solution is simple . Let’s end to support the production of food from animals . We can do this by choosing vegan and so fortunate that it is becoming easier and brings a lot of joy. A great bonus is a smaller footprint – Animal production consumes a lot of resources and land , and , for most of us , a much healthier diet