Plants in space , plants on other planets – please respect ours planet Earth …


plants on Mars? I ask myself a couple of days an interesting question plants ….. if our cosmos conditioned the challenging conditions for the existence of plants? after all, even in our plants on the planet (and beyond) thrive in extreme conditions! County did not discover anything new, many people have said that in such circumstances there may be life, but I noticed that the search to search for life plants and animals are earthly conditions ………… I would like to ask a question here? that our universe is not concentrated to the limit in these things? why, for example, on every planet in our solar system has no plants and animals? I say that because the conditions of their life are needed – what conditions? We have taken the earth, ……. why not rise to those that have adapted to other conditions, and the conditions were created?
This leads us to the conclusion that our planet is a great curiosity and rarity …….


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