another collapse in the activities of activist … We know of one dog  threatenseuthanasia in the Netherlands  beacuse he  bite one  time babysitter and someone else out there …
the fact of shares joined a group of activities related to dog Lennox, I do not want the story out, I myself I know only that it euthanaized …. therefore, the first thing I did after joining the group was to give subject of our campaign to save our dog ….. after a while I noticed that as soon as I joined, just as quickly was removed from the group ….. anyone can see that it did not fit I try to save another dog …. after he saw all the groups in this topic – just those who regrets his ass to the fact that dog, but there is not one who actively rescued by other dogs in that situation …..

awfully strange …… :-/

dependence on and empty mourn Lennox – and he will come and bite you in the yours  fat ass  for your arrogance and stupidity , callousness  , and the apparent ……….


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