World Declaration on Animal Rights by UNESCO

Please, read, and understand that a lot of people, governments do not act in accordance with the Declaration … 😦


World Declaration on Animal Rights
adopted by UNESCO in Paris on 10/15/1978

… Due to the fact that each animal, as a living being has rights in the moral sphere, that ignorance and lack of recognition of the rights of man and brought him continue to lead the way crimes against nature and animals, the human species recognition by the law of other species animal to exist is the basis for co-existence of all living beings;

that a person has committed a crime of extermination of many animal species, and that there is still the same threat, that respect for animals by humans is associated with respect for the people with each other, and that from an early age to teach a man to observe, understand, respect and love animals …

THIS IS AN notice:

Article 1.
All animals are born equal in life and have the same right to exist.

Article 2.
and / Every animal has the right to respect for
b / Man as a species of animal, can not claim the right to exterminate other animals or to their inhuman exploitation. Is instead required to use his knowledge for the good of the animals.
c / Each animal has a right to expect from a man of respect, care and protection.

Article 3
a / No animal shall be subject to abuse and atrocities.
b / If it turns out that the death of an animal is necessary to kill them quickly, without exposing the pain and fear.

Article 4.
Any animal that belongs to the wild, has the right to live in the wild in their natural environment: earth, air or water, and the right to reproduce. Any deprivation of liberty, even for educational purposes is a violation of the law.

Article 5.
a / Each animal belonging to a species that normally lives in the human environment, has the right to live and grow in accordance with the rhythm and the conditions of life and freedom appropriate for their species.
b / Any disruption in this rhythm and the human conditions in mercantile purposes, is a violation of the law.

Article 6.
and / Any animal that man has chosen to be his companion, has the right to live as long as you like the genre of nature.
b / Abandonment of an animal is a cruel and despicable act.

Article 7.
Each animal is working for a man has a right to a reasonable limitation of time and intensity of the work, to adequate food and rest.

Article 8.
a / Experiments on animals that are associated with physical and mental suffering, is a violation of animal rights, both in the case of medical experience, scientific, commercial, and everyone else.
b / should be used for this purpose and to develop alternative methods.

Article 9.
If a man bred animals for food, they should be fed, bred, transported and killed without exposing it to the anxiety and pain.

Article 10.
a / No animal should not be regarded as a toy for man.
b / Issue of animals for show, and performances involving animals jeopardize the dignity of the animal.

Article 11.
Every act, leading to the killing of an animal without the necessary needs of a murder, or a crime against life.

Article 12.
and / Any act that leads to the killing of a large number of wild animals, is a mass murder, or a crime against the species.
b / destruction and contamination of the environment wreaking death.

Article 13
a / dead animal should be treated with respect.
b / scenes of violence fall animals should not be allowed in theaters and on television, unless it is a demonstration of the crimes committed against the animals.

Article 14.
and / Associations protection and care of animals should be represented at government level.
b / Animal rights should be protected by law as human rights.


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