christian and buddism

religion teaches respect for all beings … means, in my opinion exaltation of man and makes us selfish – my friend, pastor of animals and theologian  he wrote a letter to the Vatican about animals – our smaller brothers, did not get a response, you will see vatican will interfere in secular affairs and politics and aims overriding instead of preaching the good word and help people is to gain power ….. Meanwhile, in Buddhism, which teaches also about respect for all beings slightly elevates the animals, yet even among Buddhists are violations of animal rights is darshan festival in Tibet where to cut off the head of animals for various goats, etc., it is answered by the spiritual leader himself, ie Dalai – lama is not a vegetarian, I read that he had a yellow urine when you do not eat meat (sic.) , now he eat ……

in a word, every religious philosophy has its good and bad sides, and it is because religion does not live his own life, not a living being, the people  create it and it depends on the people ……..


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