Callousness ?

On facebook amog internet users – internauts in poland is boy after heart transplantation …. everyone write to him ghundreds comments when he share something …. today was his birthday …… only i post separate birthday whishes to him …… 😦

Second case – i met some time ago Polish pilot of military fighters , he is sick for multiple sclerosis 😦 ….. horrible thing is this that he and many people sick for this same in poland dont have refundation of medicaments for this sick from ours goverment  ……

i recently tried to persued snoop dog and akon for , at least one share of my action against against gas chambers on theirs fanpages on FB ( they have milions of fans ) – without effects 😛

and some minutes ago i noticed that from friends on FB remove me guy which founded and lead centrum of emphaty in U.S. , maybe he was not feel emphaty to photos of chiks and animals which i share there ? 😀

aw , and i some days ago was doing promote of my action for save kangaroos from slaughtered to meat and send link to pages on FB , pgaes australia and animals australia – some from this too report me that i spaming and right now i am blocked :/


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