You think that your goverment sloution problem of lack of money in your country ? O.K.

I whant more – why not print this sume of money which willbe in ours  pockets …

Why not biggest the level of  ours life ? ( here sory , but i must think about side effects , if there are any )

here’s example , national health org refunded operations , but sometimes do not refunded , people and non-profit organisations must looking for dotations for humans and theirs operations , sometimes this are bigg sume ……. why not change treasure money level to situations that every thing like this , like on this example medical operations ALL willbe refunded by goverment ? why not ? human and his good condition is important ………

why not end situatio0n of homeless people – to point where willbe any homeless on streets ? why not print for theirs life ?

but this like i write in parenthesses is too long thinking and analise …


Mexico victims

In drugs gang wars in Mexico is killed year by year 50.000 people ……… the legalization of marijuana would not contribute to a reduction in consumption of other drugs and also reduce the number of victims ?

on photo captured and burned ganja packs 😦

Behind the veil of sport and recreation

this lions – kings of cats , kings of animals  , they all waiting for execution – some stupid people whant be hunting for theirs …. i think how many from this hunters , theirs childs was watching „King Lion” and was enjoy this movie ………..

this is how look  animals killed by hunters – be against hunting