Humanity is this ?

And i still about this same ………

In one article I read about a disability and her mother – were thrown to the pavement by the clerical machine …. disabled!! not because they had no money, for other reasons …….. and so the vagrants at railway stations

a world where human rights are only fiction, definition of …… as long as somebody fucked , destroy  somebody …… what this state can change ? what to do to people sobered and nominate any limits? pickets, marches? as of the ACTA ? It is sad that the world is just out of the way, those whom it touched , the other does not help others even more fucked …. how change peoples attitude to other persons  ?

Where are people’s rights ? nobody whants milions dolars , just whant to have normal living !!! We live in XXI century …… i just don’t get it ………….


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