Crisis ? no way ! part 2 – explain of some …

Curious my own idea of printing money i plunged into the subject and discovered taht printing money was in some countrys some time ago … result of such move was inflation , even hiper inflation – money was have ten 0 , denomination was very high 😦

This does not change my idea , i am in this same opinion 🙂

Question is why value of money increases ? beacuse we doing this , we raise its value ! in situation when we willbe according to the theory that 100 dolars is 100 dolars and we not willbe add zeros on bill ?

then we stop inflation and everything willbe o.k. …….. inflation is not a chemical reaction which can not be stopped !

I just wonder whether this increase in the value of money does not come from the fact that everyone wants to earn as much when the money is much


perhaps i more immersed in this topic …


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