Ride to neverland

I  always loved  travel on a train , something maybe i have associated with my grandfather and my great-grandfather was (the latter was director of the Polish railways in one circle), so without much to get on a train and go somewhere, so it will take the other and move on …… …may one day include the Trans-Siberian rail journey but do not know if I stand a few days in the period ……….. I love the smell turn, walk on the railway land, all just turn to love

The lemmings – let’s do it together

anyone watched the movie „butterfly effect” – once I wanted to do something similar,effectively control a large group of people that have done what a group of lemmings and direct them jumped into the sea (note – this is not true of lemings that jump into the water) ……
recently occurred to me what else? national game, civilization games!
imagine two nations playing in the game,  a number of people there with the people playing, a rival with people from another nation?
imagine women fighting with men, because women are from Venus and men are from Mars, for example?
such a union with us is probably not possible ………