the future at your fingertips

  the future has always fascinated us, tomorrow was unknown , as the perception of the future affects the perception of the world? answers are many, let’s try to think about how it was and how it is today and as it will : (…)

I will not write long, I have neither the time nor the inclination ……… examples of the ancient perception of the future far I do not know, probably they were Greek philosophers, I will be a great attention to two people: LEONARDO DA VINCI and NOSTRADAMUS

both lived in the same period



for the moment that is written on this post occurred to me that maybe they were the same person, who knows? let’s focus on the topic – their contribution to science was the great and leading, Nostradamus focused more on the visionary predictions as to future disasters, the collapse in 2012, Leonardo and showed great technique and knowledge builder – many of the machines invented by him is now a newly used, such as a tank!


examples of current predictions of the future – and who does not know Science fiction films, books in this topic ? there are many


predict how it will be  look  futurology in the future, I will not be in the plunges, and so I started this „buttered  butter”


Please write to me themselves how will the future look like you think, because what I meant, I’m waiting for comments




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